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Using a Walkie-Talkie Without Permission Is Illegal?



Nowadays, there are more and more self-driving tours, and we all think that we can bring walkie-talkies when we form a fleet to go on a self-driving tour. Of course, the larger the fleet, the need to bring walkie-talkies will increase accordingly. If you want to use cell phones to contact, it is very troublesome to notify one by one, and using WeChat does not necessarily guarantee that everyone can see immediately. But you may not know that the unauthorized use of walkie-talkies is an illegal act! What is this all about?

Why can not use the intercom without permission?

Experts say that, in addition to the national regulations in line with the transmitting power of 0.5 watts below the public walkie-talkies, other walkie-talkies can not be used without permission, because the national radio management department of the radio frequency for a unified division, different frequencies are allocated to different radio business use.

Users who do not understand the necessary, basic regulations and requirements, in the use of the process beyond the frequency range allowed by the competent authorities, in other frequencies to transmit signals, it is likely to the normal work of this section of the frequency of other radio services produce harmful interference.


How can I use the walkie-talkie?

So compliance with the use of walkie-talkies, what are specific procedures to fulfill? First of all, you should pass the amateur radio examination, to obtain the appropriate radio operating license, after which you should bring the purchase of walkie-talkies to the radio management office for inspection and testing. After determining that these radios meet the standards, they will give them the account number, so that the public can safely use these radios. From the first to the last step, the relevant departments will not charge any fees, the cost of getting a license is almost zero.


Private use of radio walkie-talkies will also be easily monitored, and once detected, a fine will be imposed without the degree. So as a walkie-talkie supplier, here also want to remind the general public, before using or to obtain the appropriate qualifications, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble. In addition, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in walkie-talkies.

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